For a moment, pampering yourself at spa@Bali

Spa4Spa7March 2009, Bali was chosen as ‘The Best Destination Spa in the world’ by the International Bourse of Berlin and submitted to the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) Germany. Yes, the spa has become an important part of tourism industry in Bali. Almost all the star hotels in Bali offers spa services. Even some hotels add the word spa in its name, hotel & spa or spa resort. Spa centers easily found at several tourist centers in Bali. How special this Balinese spa? Spa in Bali is not usual spa, that’s about. Combining natural elements as a strength and appeal spa on the island. Thus, it’s great thing if you indulge yourself with a balinese spa among your Bali vacation.

Mango Tree SpaSpa, often found in many places not only in Bali. But the Bali spas is so special because of its uniqueness, namely by combining the spa with the natural elements and the culture of Bali. Spa room in private with the music, a luxury batchup something become so standard. You can enjoy this unique spa at various tourist centers. Try to Ubud area, there is a spa that is above the mango trees with views of rice paddies (photo taken from Mango Tree Spa website). As far as the eye can see will be seen the beauty of the rice plant in rice plots that ended at Ayung river. With mild strains of soothing music and aromatherapy you will find tranquility and fitness course at Mango Tree Spa @ Kupu Barong Villa. Apparently, the spa is only one of many other first-class spa in Ubud and to be able to enjoy it you need to book in early for a particular day.

Spa3Do you want other things? You can enjoy the spa with the beach breeze? Many hotels in the area of Tuban, Kuta, Seminyak also offers other unique spa. Again, nature back into a perfect blend of spa in the areas. Apparently the beach and the sound of wind waves, can be another harmony. This unique combination makes the spa not only as a way to get fitness and relaxation also remains a amazing experience. This makes the spa experience is more valuable far beyond the value of money spent.

In the area of Kerobokan Petitenget and there is also a spa with a combination of nature. Here you can enjoy the spa with semi-open space. Spa room set so unique that you will feel as though spa services in an rice field surrounding. Enjoy the water fountain in the outdoor spa with natural stone floors. You do not need to worry because privacy is guaranteed.

How much money to be spent on this incredible sensation? Spa rate is very varied. Rate for 2.5 hourspackage can range between $25 and even up to $150. For spa lovers may experience it can exceed the dollars spent. This spa package is packed with a variety of choices, at least you can enjoy a relaxation massage, combined with a choice of body scrubs, body shampoo, traditional facials and other treatments. Harmony with nature is also seen from the product used, which is usually derived from natural materials.

Spa MenSpa treatments are identical for women. And it is true, and the therapist spa visitors were dominated this womanhood. But not to worry for men, now in Bali a few spas also offer spa for men, and of course they provide some male therapist for you. Package for couple, honeymoon packages also are popular and increasingly in demand.

Currently, Spa Bali is very famous at several countries, like Japan, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Paris and even to Russia. Well, if you’re on vacation in Bali and want to enjoy Balinese with unusual way, just try this spa. Happy holidays.

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