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For a moment, pampering yourself at spa@Bali

Spa4Spa7March 2009, Bali was chosen as ‘The Best Destination Spa in the world’ by the International Bourse of Berlin and submitted to the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) Germany. Yes, the spa has become an important part of tourism industry in Bali. Almost all the star hotels in Bali offers spa services. Even some hotels add the word spa in its name, hotel & spa or spa resort. Spa centers easily found at several tourist centers in Bali. How special this Balinese spa? Spa in Bali is not usual spa, that’s about. Combining natural elements as a strength and appeal spa on the island. Thus, it’s great thing if you indulge yourself with a balinese spa among your Bali vacation. Lanjutkan membaca “For a moment, pampering yourself at spa@Bali”